Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New Web Page for WI4T


Welcome to my call page! I have been licensed since 12/27/88. My Uncle WB0NMW (SK) was my inspiration for first getting into ham radio. My first call was KC4ICK and shortly after that it was upgraded to N4UZH. In 1990 I earned my Extra class call sign (back in the 20 wpm days!!) and my call sign became WN9M. In ~Oct. 2009 I changed call signs to reflect living in Georgia/South Carolina, and now my call is WI4T. I really do not plan on changing call signs again.
I recently moved to my farm in Lamar Missouri so I am in the process of getting my shack back together. I use an Elecraft K3 as my primary radio with a P3, KAT500 tuner and a KPA500 Amp. . I also have a 8.191 mzh I.F. tap going to a SDR receiver.  The receiver works for signals above ~20 MHz and the Elecraft IF tap is 8.215 MHz so I first use a NooElec Version 1.3 "Ham IT Up" up-converter.  The up-converter feeds the IF signal to the RTL-SDR which then goes to the computer.  I use HDSDR to view the spectrum from the SDR receiver and to interface with Win4K3Suite which is the Rig control.  Basically the HDSDR becomes an excelent PAN Adapter showing most of the 20 meter band at one shot (other bands as well).  All is auto tuned and switched interactively.  I can click on the HDSDR screen and auto change frequencies or I can change frequencies on the K3 etc.  I have the Win4K3 interfaced to the HRD logbook and the DM780 digital interface, MRP40 morse decoder, WSJT-X, MultiPSK, MMTTY and CWSkimmer.  This is an amazing set-up!
I have built a 10'x20' shack with a porch overlooking my fields in the pasture below the shack.  I have 2 towers.  The first tower is a Rohn 25G 120 foot tower for my UHF/VHF work as well as my cell phone antenna and my internet antenna.  My second tower is a LM-470 crank-up/tilt-over.  It has a Cubex MK-IV 30' extend boom cubical quad.  This antenna is a monster but works great.  My concern is the ice storms in the winter.  I want to be able to bring it down when I want to and I want to be able to tilt it to the ground to work on it when necessary.  This tower should do the trick.
I have 4 beverage antenna's pointing 30, 120, 210 and 300 degrees.  They are aprox. 700 feet long using the old military radio wire and 75 ohm feed line.  The antenna works extremly well on 160, 80 and 40 meters.
I am an active LoTW member and as of the writing of this bio I have achieved the Tripple Play award and am working on 302 DXCC Confirmed LOTW as well 8 band DXCC..

Prior Calls: WN9M; N4UZH; KC4ICK

See you down the band!
Greg - WI4T

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